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Hausse Nuit GLOCK - 6.5 mm

GLOCK Night Sight Rear.

Steel version with self-illuminating tritium contrast points. 

77,94 €

A tube of borosilicate glass is integrated in each of the contrast points of the GLOCK rear and the front sight which are filled with a minimal quantity of tritium gas (H-3). The inner surfaces of the tubes are coated with phosphorescent material producing a permanent light source when in contact with the beta parts of the tritium gas.

The  granted  lifetime of  the  light source  is  12 years,  a  shock absorbing  installation of  the  tritium  tubes  as well  as  a  high dimensioned  crystal  glass lens  grant optimum  protection against mechanical influences during usage.

Tritium contrast points: in colour, illuminated at night, white in daylight.

• Manufacturer: Glock
• Type: Rear Night Sight (Steel with Tritium Insterts)
• Size: 6.5mm (height of the sight)
• Fit: Glock 17/19/22/23/26/27/33/34/35/37/38/39
• Finish/Color: Green
• Description: Fixed Rear

GLOCK OEM part number: 6879

• Installation by certified gunsmith is recommended.

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