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TONI SYSTEM LEOMAT42 Scope Throw Lever, Diameter 42mm

TONI SYSTEM LEOMAT42 Scope Throw Lever, diameter 42mm

59,95 €

TONI SYSTEM Scope Throw Lever, diameter 42mm.

Aluminum lever clamps around your scope’s magnification adjustment ring and provides the extra leverage needed to quickly change magnification settings. Easy to operate on the run and perfect for three-gun competition—use scope at low setting for close targets and crank quickly to higher magnification for distant targets. Lever requires clearance between the scope body and base or receiver rail for proper operation.

Inner Diameter: 42mm
Material: Aluminium
Weight: 30g

• Black
• Silver
• Blue
• Green
• Orange 
• Red
• Sand

Toni System code: LEOMAT42

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